Stock Search and Licensing

We have an extensive online collection of Underwater and “land” a.k.a. above water video subject matter available for licensing in either UHD 4K and HD resolutions depending on the source material. Most of our collection can be searched and viewed online here.

How to Search and View Videos Online

There are several methods that you can use to search for and preview your desired subjects.  First, you can browse our library using the main menu categories shown at the top of our website.  The same categories are shown on the side of this page.   These categories are very general and clicking a category returns all videos in that category.

An advanced search tool is also provided. The “search” icon shown throughout this site will search specific “tags” or “keywords” we have associated on each video clip. Enter into the search box a keyword such as “turtle” (no quotes) and all videos that contain turtles will be displayed for your review. Also some taxonomic Genus names for marine life has been tagged as well, such as “Ginglymostoma“.   You may have to scrub through the video to locate the desired subject. Over time the videos here will become more subject specific.

Once you have located the video(s) with the subject matter you wish to license, contact us for pricing using our contact form or email. Tell us the video name, the subject, the start and end times of the desired items, and any desired format specifications.   We will get get you a quote.

If you can not find a desired subject contact us because it is possible we might have video net been posted on this site.

Licensing and Fees

Stock video clips cannot be downloaded at this site but must be licensed prior to use in your production. You can either conduct an online search yourself for your desired subject matter or you can request for us to do the research for a minor fee.  Feel free to contact us for general questions regarding what subjects we have.

Fees are negotiated based on the content, duration and licensing rights that you require. Once a license is negotiated and a purchase order is received, high quality data files containing the desired content will be conformed into a professional grade CODEC and transferred via secure file transfer methods such as MediaShuttle, Dropbox or a shipped hard or USB drive.