Stock Underwater Video – Underwater and Commercial Video Production

Mike Meagher Productions specializes in filming stunning 4K and HD underwater cinematography.

Our extensive Stock Video library consists of beautiful underwater and above water subjects and is available for licensing. Click to learn more about our Services .

If you manage a Resort property such as a Dive Resort or Dive Boat our custom video services can be specifically tailored to your branding and marketing plan. We can produce for you amazing videos which showcase the unique features and services of your business. Use the videos to post on your website, display at trade shows, for TV advertising, educational videos, or to post on Youtube or social media.

Below are a few examples of our spectacular underwater and above water video production capabilities.

Stock Video Examples

Our online searchable stock video library features numerous underwater subjects from both cold and warm water environments. Below are a some samples of our underwater camera work. If you are looking for stock video for your project use our online Advanced Search tool to easily locate your desired subject.

New Videos Recently Added

New stock videos are often being added to our library every week. The section below shows the most recent additions.


Sample Promotional and Commercial Video

Below are a few examples of commercial and promotional videos that we have produced for some of our clients. Our videos have been used to market Luxury Dive resorts, Dive boats, sporting venues, manufacturing operations, products and Real Estate.